5 Ways To Keep Your Pup’s Paws Safe This Winter

The outside might look like a Winter Wonderland paradise, but it’s not quite a paradise for your furry friend’s paws; the harsh temperatures can leave their paws dry and cracked. Not only that, but the ice, salt, and snow-melting chemicals can irritate their sensitive pads.

Fortunately, with a few preventative measures, you can keep your pup’s paws safe this winter and enjoy the festive walks worry-free. 

Boot ‘Em Up

Sure, your pup may look a bit silly, but dog booties  will keep their paws warm and safe from any harmful chemicals or sharp debris buried within the snow. Booties also provide slip resistance and extra traction, which will allow your pup to run and play (and chase after snowballs) without the risk of them falling and injuring themselves. 

While it can take some time for dogs to get used to booties, most become accustomed to them quickly with positive reinforcement. Make sure the booties are cozy, waterproof, and the right fit – the boots should be tight enough that they stay in place, but loose enough that they don’t hinder your pup’s natural gait.

Use Paw Balm

If your dog is not a fan of booties – not all pooches are destined for the fashionista lifestyle – there are plenty of other ways to keep their paws safe, like paw balm. Paw balm keeps your furry friend’s paws hydrated and acts as a barrier against ice, snow, and salt. Simply apply before your winter walks, then wipe the balm off with a towel when you both get back home.

Keep Nails Well-Trimmed

Keeping your pup’s nails short will make it easier for them to maintain their footing on slippery, icy surfaces. Fortunately, nail trimming doesn’t have to involve an expensive trip to the groomers.

The Zen Clipper Precise makes trimming your pup’s nails safe and stress-free, even if you’re a total beginner. Its blade is designed to only cut the nail tip, and you can effortlessly adjust the clipper to your desired size. The cushioned non-slip handle also allows you to keep a firm hold at all times, no matter how much your furry friend wriggles.

Trim Excess Paw Fur

Don’t forget to trim the fur between the toes and pads too. Just like long nails, paw fur can make it difficult for your dog to maintain their grip. The fur also traps chemicals, salt, and snow easily, which can cause irritation and make their paws more challenging to clean post-walk.

Wash Your Dog’s Paws 

Once your pup gets back inside, it’s essential to wash their paws with warm water to remove any salt or harmful chemicals they may have stepped on. The Paw Plunger has built-in soft bristles that will clean your companion’s paws gently and pick out even the most lodged and stubborn dirt.

Paw Care Sorted? Don’t Forget to Keep Your Pooch Hydrated

The cold winter months don’t just bring snow and ice; they also bring lower humidity levels that can leave your pup dehydrated. You won’t have to carry their clunky water bowl along with you, though – our innovative dog bandana unfolds into a portable bowl. Pawsitively stylish. Pawsitively practical.